Brands That I Trust For Sound Systems
Looking To Upgrade Your Desktop PC’s Audio? Here Are The Best PC Sound Cards I Recommend

I don’t know whether I can say I really trust any brand because as an audiophile, I am always criticizing every other brand. I have tried even to be loyal to certain brands but I am defeated. Probably the day manufacturers will be able to keep up with my pace then I can reconsider trusting a certain brand. But anyway, there are brands I use and believe they have my respect.

Denon AVR-X7200WA

The latest technology used in this system functions incredibly well. I am able to move from the basics when I want to catch up with what is happening locally by tuning to the local radio channels and when I want to go the theatre way, I am good to go. For me, Dolby Atmos is everything and having tried other systems before, the Denon AVR-X7200WA has nailed it. Something else that the manufacturer scored A+ was the 9 power amplifier channels which feature the Denon High Current Transistor, and all the channels are able to work seamlessly to drive lower impedance of 4-ohm speaker loads making the sound output really good.

The use of 4k Ultra HD to upscale videos is something I cherish and don’t think there is any other system that has been able to measure up to those standards. The 3 HDMI are amazing which means I can enjoy videos from 3 different sources, though I don’t use it a lot.

I am also able to toggle through various sources and stream wirelessly from my home network, and dig into my music library as I bask out on the balcony. It’s user-friendly and high-tech accommodative.

Denon AVR-x7200WA, you have my respect!

Creative Sound Blaster ZxR PCIe

For my PC, I was using ASUS XONAR DX before the Creative Sound Blaster ZxR PCIe landed. Though I don’t have many misgivings on ASUS, I can say Creative Sound Blaster is the in-thing for gamers and those who want to take their PC station to a whole new level. But for serious gamers it’s a must have. An experience with SCOUT mode is breathtaking, because it makes your gaming experience memorable. The fact that I don’t have to struggle to keep on plugging in/out my headphones, because I can toggle between headphones and speakers using a switch, is another reason I fell in love with this card. But when you mention SNR of 124 dB, I am lost for words!

It’s not that I usually rush to have the latest gadget; no matter what happens when a new gadget arrives, I have the guts to try it. Sometimes I end up spending a lot of money with high expectations and end up counting my losses. So even if the products I have mentioned here are my favorite, maybe tomorrow things will change because as long as technology advances, so will I.

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