S ometimes it’s good to dream, that’s where it all start, as an audiophile my dreams for a dedicated audio room are outrageous, so help me God. My dream goes far but it seems achievable, though, with a lot of caution. They would involve a lot of resources but since dreams should not be appraised on their financial implications, my dreams are valid and so I continue.

A dedicated audio room would let me listen to what I want without any limitations whatsoever. I would be able to get in, close the door behind and issue commands the way I want. Even without pressing any button or uttering a word, my mere presence should activate the systems and then read my mood and start playing the kind of music I want. As I dance or recline in my seat, it would keep on mixing the music while still adjusting the volume. Ideally, it should start at low volume and keep on raising the decibels as I sink deeper into music.

At a certain point, I should be able to utter a command and then decks and turntables eject from the wall and I do a lot more.

But it would start with me hiring the best architects to put the audio room together. The architects should work with engineers from Denon Company. First I would like the room to be completely able to handle any level of noise imaginable. I would not like it to be too big, though, so the size of a living room could be enough. But the garage could work perfectly I think. The architects should figure out how a 40 ft hole should be sunk to fit the mega woofer, that’s why engineers from Denon are invited at this stage.

Once I am done with the architects, on to the engineers, as I would like my system custom-made. The mega woofer should be sunk in the 40 ft hole so that noise, heat, and space are hidden beneath. What comes to the surface is pure base without interruptions. The tweeters which should not be wider than wallpaper should be fixed on all walls. I would not want them to use Dolby Atmos or stuff like that because that is ancient. We would put our head together and invent a modern, intelligent way of stimulating my ear drums to feel as if the music is being whispered in my ear.

Everything should be custom-made including the turntables. But they must make sure the system is able to accommodate high-speed internet. In fact, something should be done to amplify the available high-speed internet up to mega speed. Same with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth so that they can accommodate my system.

One wall should have an autocue displaying all the music being released worldwide in real-time.

But one thing that should remain a top secret is the technology used to make this happen because I would not want it replicated anywhere else. So the architects and engineers should sign an oath never to reveal the top secrets of my audio room. I should have all the copyrights and the constitution of the land should be amended to safeguard that. The good thing is that friends, family, fellow audiophiles would be allowed to visit while the politicians are permanently barred.

I didn’t mention that while inside the audio room, music should be able to keep hunger at bay so that when I get in, I can spend 24 hrs without feeling hungry for maximum loudtainment.

My idea for a dedicated audio room can go far, and I see it happening! What about your ideas?