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I t sounds good, and is a common phrase used when someone puts across a good idea, but say that to an audiophile and he starts analysing the sounds in the air to determine whether there is any good sound nearby. If you ask any audiophile on what a good sound means, he can tell you a lot about it. Because a good sound can make a difference in the way communication and entertainment is received. That’s why professional media, DJs and public speakers can invest 100 of millions in the best sound equipment. You too can become a pro if you keep close to my pages. But to start with, I want you to start with your PC, change that boring sound card that came with the motherboard, look for the following sound cards and start enjoying games, movies, music a lot more.

Creative Sound Blaster Zx PCIe

This is the gadget that will make you fall in love with your computer games. Brace yourself for getting hooked up to your games from now on.

What to Expect

  • Audio Control Module (ACM) with a built-in microphone and mic/headphone I/O connections. Headphones levels are adjustable using the knob on the ACM.
  • Audio Processor, Sound Core 3D
  • SBX pro studio sound tech which creates3D surround effects
  • Scout mode, a feature giving you the ability to listen to your rivals before they hear you
  • DTS Connect which connects your home theatre system through a single digital cable

Essence STX II 7.1

What to Expect

124 dB SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio)

  • Ultra low jitter with premium TCXO clock source
  • Clean and consistently power supply, due to high fidelity low drought regulators and their own proprietary capacitors for uncompromising sound
  • Top notch headphone amplifier supports up to 600-ohm headphone impedance with additional gain for in-ear monitors (IEM)
  • Exclusive op-amp swap kit includes 3 op-amps and tool for easy tone tuning
  • Celebrated MUSES op-amps deliver true for life musicality
  • Ultra-fidelity (120dB SNR) 7.1 channel output via the exclusive daughterboard


What to Expect

  • This is one of the best sound cards that support the latest DS3D GX 2.0 for gaming on Vista and XP. It delivers 35 times cleaner audio quality 116dB SNR than most motherboard audios.


What to Expect

  • This is a high-performance headphone amplifier which drives headphones/ headsets to its full potential.
  • Best surround-sound experience with support from Dolby technologies
  • ASUS GX 2.5 enables realistic 3D audio effects on games
  • Xonar hyper-grounding technology separates audio signal from noise which results in clean and clear sound

Creative Sound Blaster ZxR PCIe

What to Expect

  • Crystal voice enhancement and clarity technology.
  • Crystal Voice FX, forge your own unique team identity in crystal clear audio to match your voice for your game avatar.
  • High-quality headphone Amp up to 600-ohm impedance.
  • Dolby digital line and DTS connect to your decoder or home theatre system.
  • Headphone speaker switching mean means you never have to unplug your headphones, you just switch between the two.
  • High-quality audio cables.
  • SCOUT mode listens to your rivals before they hear you.
  • SNR of 124 dB therefore 97.9 pure audio hence 34.4 times better than the average sound card.

I strongly recommend this one because of the voice enhancement and clarity technology.

It truly elevates the standards of technology and performance for the future of PC gaming and entertainment. What are you waiting for, it’s high time you get yours and life will never be the same.

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