D ifferent myths trend on social media and other forums concerning audiophiles. This is probably as the world tries to come to terms with this talented lot. But I think the best thing would be to understand exactly what drives us. Then you can understand our way of life, and finally do a bit of research - because you might be calling him audiophile when he's not. But during my interactions with people, I have heard all manner of myths and today I tackle five.

Audiophiles are spendthrift

The first time I heard about this myth I laughed it off, but after it came back several times, I felt the need to tackle it head on. To me, classifying audiophiles as spendthrifts could portray a lack of critical reasoning, because as far as I know, audiophiles will go out of their way to get those sound systems to satisfy a need. Yes, they will do it at any cost, but I also know a number of them who are really creative, and use recycled material to make fringe-sized speakers. I personally started by drawing IC chips. Then I could go collect old speakers not in use and assemble my own speakers. Audiophiles are not spendthrifts; they work with what is conveniently available.

Audiophiles don’t know much about music

I don’t know where this came from because I think many musicians, if critically analysed, could fall under audiophiles. One song played several times a day or for a long time using different speakers has better repercussions than playing a new song daily. We like hearing a song until we get everything out of it. We do more to appreciate the art in music than just scan through a song and move on. We know more about music than most people claim to know.

Audiophiles are self-centered

Why I found someone claiming this on social media remains a mystery to me. We love it loud because that’s what it was meant to be. I have never seen people who are accommodating like audiophiles. Probably somebody might feel offended when they hear neighbours enjoying loud bass as they pass by. But what I can say is, if you can’t beat them, join them.

The digital age will kill audiophiles

At some point, I thought so, but not anymore. Actually, the digital age will make audiophiles into a revolution. Another thing is that manufacturers are customer-centric. The day they see audiophiles preferring a certain size of speaker which will be scarce, they will run to them and deliver it. Manufacturers value feedback and the day we ask for it, it will be delivered - whether digital or analogue.

Audiophiles start at a young age

At a young age, that’s when a person starts exploring, and audiophiles are no exception. I don’t have any statistics but probably there are people who became audiophiles, even in their 70s. It’s all about exposure and passion, that's what matters. And sure, of course it can start at a young age, I agree.

So, there you have it. What other myths have you come across?